Wait Upon The Lord

Pray til it’s clear…. wait upon the Lord… 

Do not let your emotions overflow but let your faith bring you to where you should go

Jesus captivate our soul as we seek You more… 

Seeking you makes our paths closer to place You destined us

One step at a time …obedience is better than sacrifice….

Strong discernment oohhh so strong but wait… it is the Lord who orchestrate… 

Not now,not later but yes right time is best ever

Thoughts … oh thoughts random thoughts… wait upon the Lord …

Yes wait upon the Lord…..

Jesus be the center of my thoughts our thoughts … 

my love …my faithful one let us wait upon the Lord… 

Love is waiting …. til it’s right…. 

Generation Rise Up

Random thoughts as  I read a blog

Seeing people sleeping like a log

I was reminded with a spark! 

Let the generation rise up! 

If you cannot go to the ends of the earth 

 or even to the campus where young gens are

Atleast send one as he/she obey the call

Call to make disciples of every nation 

With one soul that can spark whole creation.

-Thoughts after reading a blog


When you cry every night to pray faithfully for an unknown person but you know he is real but not yet revealed. 

Waiting for the right time God will reveal a love story written by Him , not by my mind or other people’s opinion but revealed by my loving Father in Heaven.

So.. wherever you are my other half…I pray that God also will mold you into the person He wants you to be and God will make you faithful to the things He entrusted to you as you wait for the right time. I believe you are just near but yes not yet ready but faithfully praying as well. I want you to know that I am saving all my actions of love just for you. 

I will be faithful… that’s a promise … I will treat all the same as a my brother because I believe the most especial treatment is only for you.

What ever your past… I want you to know that I don’t keep record of wrongs😊. Read Corinthians 13. 

By the way… I’m not negative hehe I just didn’t attend the single’s event tonight because I’m having a quiet moment and need some rest too because I’ve been sick for days.. if you are there don’t find me because I am at home praying for you.😊
Your lovely queen,

Lala ❤😘

Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


More of YOU none of me❤.

….I hear the clock ticks every moment You speak

how can I say no when Your heartbeat says go

Your heartbeat I do not just feel but I realy can feel

Heart that’s breaking everytime someone is in fear

Go ! You said and tell my love

I said yes! Abba Father I will 

Forever ” we” will